Through our national tertiary championship events programme, partnerships with NZ national sporting organisations and international relationships we have a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers in a number of exciting areas e.g. event management, sport administration, health, social media, journalism and photography.  

Why volunteer?

Volunteering at events gives you a fantastic opportunity to gain on-the-job experience before completing your qualification.

By getting involved you can:

  • Get some key hands on industry experience
  • Learn something new
  • Develop your professional networks
  • Build your CV
  • Challenge yourself in a supportive environment

At event time, all of our volunteers will receive a uniform pack, free meals during their shift and a certificate of participation.

Volunteer Opportunities

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"My volunteer experience with UTSNZ was as a photographer for the 2018 National Tertiary Basketball Championships. The experience and learning I gained from the tournament is something that will be extremely useful for me in the future and in my career side of things. The photos I took will be a great use for a portfolio and potentially in getting a job within a photography studio or more" - 

Anudari Maibayar, AUT Student.


"Volunteering at the 2020 National Tertiary Badminton Championship was such a good experience and I learned a lot! Thank you to UTSNZ and Badminton NZ for the opportunity and for letting me follow and learn from everyone over the weekend, it was a super valuable experience. Not to mention - it was just plain fun!"

Amy Taylor, AUT Student.