Our Why

Our university and tertiary institutions are motivated by success and in particular successful students. Institutions are therefore primarily interested in the impact sport has on student experience, student achievement and student well-being.

Our sport sector partners want students to develop a life-long love of sport and being active, maximising participation and engagement. They want a strong and sustainable sports system.

Our students want to be a part of something that’s successful, quality and which creates a positive life experience. They want to feel a part of a team, be recognised and connect with others.

Success will be maximised when we come together. It is the strategic coming together of the tertiary and sports sectors in a way that can help realise the full potential of sport that will maximise the value for New Zealand tertiary students on campus, in competition and in our communities.

UTSNZ Strategic Plan

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Value Statement - The Value of Sport to the Tertiary Sector

Value Statement - The Value of the Tertiary Sport to the Sport Sector

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