Annual Event Awards

UTSNZ have a number of awards that are presented both annually and at each event to recognise outstanding performance.

UTSNZ Overall National Tertiary Champion - awarded to the university with the greatest combined points total of the UTSNZ sanctioned national sporting events and championships. All UTSNZ events in each calendar year count towards the Overall University Champion for that year.  The announcement and presentation of 'the Shield' to the UTSNZ Overall University Champion is made at last calendar event of the year.

UTSNZ National Tertiary Championship Teams - Awarding of Perpetual Trophies. Perpetual trophies for all UTSNZ sporting competitions are awarded to the winning teams of each National Tertiary Championship event.  Perpetual trophies are awarded at the event prize giving straight after the last game/round has been completed

UTNZ National Tertiary Champions -  Awarding of Medals. Championship Medals are awarded at all UTSNZ national sporting events and championships to individual athletes and/or individual athletes within winning teams for 1st place

UTSNZ Tournament Teams - For some UTSNZ National Tertiary Championship events a tournament team may be selected. Selections will be made to recognise outstanding performance during the championship. The announcement and presentation of Tournament Teams will be made at the  medal ceremony at the completion of the competition. Where specified these teams may have the opportunity to represent New Zealand at World University Championships and/or other selection events.

NZ University and Tertiary Sporting Blues Award


The Blues celebrate the commitment and achievements of students and acknowledge their contribution to or success in their chosen sporting endeavor.

The "Blue" is a prestigious award for excellence in sport . Blues Awards recognise national excellence through to world champions. It is something that students are proud to receive and can be used in job applications and resumes to show commitment and dedication.


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NZ Sporting Blues Nomination Closing Date

2016 Nomination closing date TBC

Nominate Someone

To nominates someone for UTSNZ Blue please click on the link below and fill in the nomination form prior to the submission date. 

University Sporting Blues NZ