2024 Archery NZ Tertiary League

2024 Archery NZ Tertiary League

Event Brief

For the first time ever, the Archery NZ Tertiary League is being held across Aotearoa in 2024!

There are four postal shoots throughout the year, with one being held per 'term' (see term dates below). The round may be shot as many times as desired during the allotted time frame, and the highest score per archer shall be submitted by the indicated date

Get Involved

Get in contact with your local archery club via the document below, or visit Archery NZ's league website.

Questions and results should be directed to tertiary@archerynz.co.nz.

Archery NZ Website

Archery Clubs

Term Dates

  • Term One: 19 February - 14 April
  • Term Two: 15 April - 30 June
  • Term Three: 1 July - 8 September
  • Term Four: 9 September - 24 November

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