New Tertiary Archery Challenge Ignites Passion Amongst Tertiary Students

New Tertiary Archery Challenge Ignites Passion Amongst Tertiary Students

As part of a new initiative to ensure on-going pathways for students as they transition between secondary school and tertiary education, Archery NZ in partnership with UTSNZ, has introduced the first-ever Archery NZ Tertiary League, covering the entire nation of Aotearoa in 2024.

The event comprises four postal shoots throughout the year, as per specified dates. Archers are granted the flexibility to shoot as many times as they desire within the allocated timeframe, with their highest score submitted by the designated deadline.

The primary objective of the league is to bridge the gap between secondary school programmes and adult-level competitions, providing a platform for skilled archers to engage in full-distance league matches while also facilitating newer archers' progression towards outdoor tournament distances. Participation is open to all current students of New Zealand tertiary institutions, with divisions including Novice (up to one year of archery experience), Development (two to three years of experience), and Open.

With the regulations now set and the Term 1 competition underway, tertiary students across the country are excited about the opportunity presented. This innovative event, designed to foster competition and camaraderie among tertiary students, has garnered enthusiastic responses from archers like Sylvie Morrison and Nick Lees, each sharing their unique perspectives on the sport and the new tertiary league.

Sylvie Morrison, a former student of Mount Albert Grammer School and now a first-year student at Otago University with 4 and a half years of archery experience, expresses her excitement about the new online archery tertiary league.

"I'm really looking forward to being able to compete with my friends who are out of Dunedin and studying at other universities," says Sylvie. “I’m hoping it will also give me the opportunity to meet new people in my university who have the same interest in archery as I do”.

She believes that the league will not only keep her engaged in archery during university life but also encourage her to stay on top of her fitness and technique.

Nick Lees, an experienced archer with 8 years of practice, and also a former student of Mount Albert Grammar School, is currently pursuing his tertiary education at Media Design School. He emphasises the distinct culture of archery within New Zealand.

"The culture we have here in New Zealand is definitely one of the best things I find. We're all competing against each other but once you step off of the shooting line, they're some of the nicest people you'll meet”, says Nick.

He looks forward to the new league as an opportunity to continue pursuing his passion while staying connected with friends who have moved away.

I'm very excited about the new tertiary league as it gives me more reason to go up to the range to shoot and I'm looking forward to still being able to shoot against my friends who have moved outside of Auckland.”

Both Sylvie and Nick agree that the Archery NZ Tertiary League is the perfect way for tertiary students to stay hooked on archery during their time studying.

"It's the perfect break from assignments and study, getting out into the fresh air and doing something you love while competing against your friends," shares Nick.

And for those new to the sport or thinking about getting involved, Sylvie's advice to newcomers echoes the supportive nature of the archery community, emphasising the importance of just giving it a try and enjoying the journey of improvement.

“Honestly just have a go. All of the coaches, and the clubs in general, are super supportive and helpful. Just see if you enjoy it and see what you get out of it”.

The introduction of the Archery NZ Tertiary League has sparked excitement within the New Zealand archery community, as they look forward to a year of building camaraderie, honing skills, and ensuring students can continue their passion across campuses nationwide.

For more details on the Archery NZ Tertiary League, including how to enter, click here.

Posted: Thu 04 Apr 2024