University Cheerleading Clubs Gear Up for Alpine Classic Nationals: A Glimpse into the Vibe and Ambitions

University Cheerleading Clubs Gear Up for Alpine Classic Nationals: A Glimpse into the Vibe and Ambitions

As anticipation builds for the Alpine Classic in September, university cheerleading clubs from across New Zealand are stepping up their game, each bringing their unique spirit and dedication to the forefront. The upcoming event promises a thrilling showcase of athleticism, camaraderie, and boundless enthusiasm, as teams vie for top honours in this exciting competition.

Victoria University of Wellington – Celebrating Inclusivity and Fun

The Victoria University of Wellington Cheerleading Club, known as the Vipers, is currently buzzing with excitement as they embrace the opportunity to shine a spotlight on their unique sport. Their club's vibrant vibe has always centred around inclusivity and enjoyment, welcoming athletes from diverse backgrounds who often experience cheerleading for the first time through the Vipers. The emphasis for this club extends beyond just competition, as they prioritise a light-hearted and pressure-free atmosphere where members relish in the experience of a distinctive sport, keep fit, and establish lasting friendships.

This season has been marked by a flurry of activity for the Vipers, as they adapt to new gym facilities, a fresh coaching approach, and a revised scoresheet. Despite these adjustments, the club demonstrated its prowess by delivering a standout routine at United Cheer & Dance. Previous seasons have seen the Vipers achieve remarkable success, boasting an undefeated streak from 2016 to 2021. This accomplishment, they believe, stems from their synchronized teamwork and a collective focus on enjoyment and personal bests rather than a strict pursuit of victory. Their aim this year is to bounce back from a previous bronze finish, fostering camaraderie with fellow university teams and captivating the audience with a routine that inspires. Beyond competitions, the Vipers actively engage with their university and the Wellington community through charitable initiatives and volunteering efforts, showcasing their commitment to making a positive impact. As they look ahead to the Alpine Classic Nationals, the Vipers eagerly await the chance to witness the diverse and dynamic performances of other university teams, anticipating an unpredictable yet thrilling competition where each team's unique attributes come to life.

University of Auckland – Unmatched Vibe and Focus

The University of Auckland Cheerleading Club is currently experiencing an unmatched vibe of excitement, focus, and hard work among its members. While the weeks leading up to the competition season have been interesting, the club remains confident and determined to deliver their best performance. The team is dedicated to putting on a captivating show that reflects the substantial progress they have achieved over the past few months and the club's strong sense of unity and commitment to excellence shines through as they channel their enthusiasm into both rigorous training and the joy of the sport.

This season, the University of Auckland's cheerleading club has witnessed remarkable growth and interest, enabling them to create two teams – a feat not achieved in years. The club's achievements are highlighted by their first competition, which provided valuable learning experiences for rookie members entering the Cheer world for the first time. This debut competition has ignited enthusiasm among newcomers, setting the tone for a promising season ahead. Looking ahead to the Alpine Classic, the University of Auckland anticipates tough competition from defending champions Otago and longstanding rivals UCheer, known for their impressive talent. Additionally, they acknowledge the potential wildcard factor presented by Victoria University of Wellington. Acknowledging the progress of Varsity Cheer in New Zealand, thanks to community support and that from organisations such as UTSNZ, the University of Auckland is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase their prowess in Christchurch and contribute to the vibrant landscape of university cheerleading.

University of Otago – Strength in Unity and Achievements

The University of Otago Cheerleading Club is thriving with a strong sense of camaraderie and unity, transforming into a close-knit family throughout the year. The club's warm and welcoming atmosphere has fostered strong bonds among members, both as teammates and friends outside of cheerleading. Training sessions are the highlight of their week, reflecting the club's emphasis on teamwork and enjoyment. As they prepare for the Alpine Classic, the club is brimming with excitement and dedication, with athletes giving their all during training and eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase their passion for the sport. The club's signature game, "chicken in a hen house," injects laughter and a sense of enjoyment, epitomising the uplifting spirit that permeates their preparations.

The University of Otago's 2023 season has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by impressive achievements and a strong sense of community engagement. The highlight includes the triumphant success of their level 1/2 team, Dynasty, which secured the Gold Medal and Scholastic Grand Champions title in their debut competition. This victory not only celebrated the hard work of both coaches and athletes but also solidified the team's cohesion and commitment. Beyond competitions, the club's involvement in fundraising and community events, such as their performance at the FIFA Women's World Cup, has showcased the incredible sport of cheerleading to Dunedin and underscored their dedication to making a positive impact. The influx of new members has further enriched the club, forging new friendships and creating memorable experiences. Looking ahead to the Alpine Classic, the University of Otago embraces the unpredictable nature of cheerleading competitions and aims to deliver two exceptional routines that reflect their unwavering dedication and unity. With Dynasty competing as an All-Girl team for the first time and the Knights entering the Open Level 1 NT division, the club is eager to defend its title, embrace new challenges, and contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of the Alpine Classic Nationals.

University of Canterbury – Fostering Growth and Friendships

UCheer have been working hard coming into the start of their season, with two teams going to four competitions over the year. It’s the club’s first time having two competitive teams (Vengeance L1/2 and Revival L3/4), with this seen as their biggest achievement of the year. They’ve had one competition so far, and although neither team had anyone competing against them, both teams put out routines they were proud of and got some excellent feedback from the judges.

They’ve been working hard as a club on their routines and are hoping to wow audiences with some new skills and clean routines and can't wait to see what the other universities have been working on! Aside from cheerleading, UCheer is known to be a really great place to establish and maintain friendships – they see this at trainings and at events throughout the year. A lot of athletes even book a room in the library to use to study together.

The club has supported the Christchurch marathon and the Crusaders this year and will also be performing at the university open days. There are three more competitions to come for both teams, including a trip to Auckland this week ahead of the tertiary championships at Alpine.

Anticipating the Unpredictable: The Road to Nationals

As the anticipation builds for the Alpine Classic, the question on everyone's mind is which university team will emerge as the strongest contender. With each team putting in countless hours of hard work and dedication, the outcome remains unpredictable. What is certain, however, is the fierce determination and passion that will permeate the event. The University of Otago's Dynasty and Knights teams, UCheer’s Vengeance and Revival teams, alongside the University of Auckland and Victoria University of Wellington squads, are poised to deliver captivating and high-energy routines that embody the essence of cheerleading.

The National Tertiary Cheerleading Championship at Alpine Classic scheduled for Sunday 17 September at Mainpower Stadium, promises an electrifying spectacle, showcasing the dedication, athleticism, and camaraderie that defines university cheerleading in New Zealand.

Posted: Wed 16 Aug 2023