New Zealand University 3x3 Teams Set to Compete in FISU Oceania Continental Qualifying Tournament

New Zealand University 3x3 Teams Set to Compete in FISU Oceania Continental Qualifying Tournament

Taking place in Auckland next month, the FISU Oceania Continental Qualifying Tournament will witness a fierce battle among teams from New Zealand, Australia and across the Pacific. The stakes are high, with only one team from each gender category earning the opportunity to showcase their talent at the prestigious FISU University World Cup 3x3, scheduled to be held later this year.

In what was a thrilling display of skill and determination, the four finalists in the UTSNZ National Tertiary 3x3 Championship played in May this year, secured their place in the upcoming FISU Oceania Continental Qualifying Tournament. Lincoln University women, AUT women, the University of Canterbury men, and Victoria University of Wellington men will represent their respective institutions from 21-22 July and compete for a coveted spot in the FISU University World Cup 3x3.

The New Zealand squads have been diligently preparing, honing their skills, and developing strategies to face tough competition from both their New Zealand and overseas rivals. The athletes have demonstrated exceptional teamwork, commitment, and proficiency in the fast-paced game of 3x3 basketball, gaining recognition for their impressive performances throughout their university campaigns.

The Lincoln University women's team, led by their skilled players, are eager to prove their mettle against some new international competition. AUT women, with their athleticism and tactical prowess, are hoping for some home-court advantage. Meanwhile, the University of Canterbury men's team, known for their tenacity and strategic play, are determined to make their mark. The Victoria University of Wellington men's team, armed with a combination of talent and sharp shooting, is geared up to face the challenges that lie ahead.

The four New Zealand teams will line up against teams from Australia (The University of Sydney women, University of Wollongong women, The University of Sydney men, Monash University men) Papua New Guinea (University of Papua New Guinea men and women) and New Caledonia (University of New Caledonia men).

The upcoming tournament promises an exhilarating atmosphere, showcasing the talent and competitive spirit of university 3x3 basketball in the Oceania region. Student fans and basketball enthusiasts across New Zealand are eagerly anticipating the thrilling matches and are expected to rally behind their teams, providing a vibrant and passionate event.

As the competition approaches, all eyes will be on these four New Zealand university teams as they strive to secure their spot in the FISU University World Cup 3x3. Their dedication, hard work, and love for the game have brought them to this stage, and they are ready to give their all to represent their country with pride.

Stay tuned for more updates as the New Zealand university 3x3 teams embark on their journey towards continental glory!

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Posted: Thu 29 Jun 2023