UTSNZ Gets New Logo

UTSNZ Gets New Logo

A logo has been finalised for the new University and Tertiary Sport NZ organisation.


The new university and tertiary sports organisation “University and Tertiary Sport New Zealand” (UTSNZ), has several important goals.

In the initial stages the core objectives are focused around reviving competitive inter tertiary sporting competitions, lifting the standard of these competitions and developing pathways to international opportunities. Once established the organisation will hold a wider strategic focus, including establishing national sports strategies and co-ordinating targeted research activities to increase student sport participation and wellness.

In order to achieve these objectives and ensure the long term viability and value of the organisation as a whole, it needs to have a high degree of credibility with top level student competitors, stakeholder and partner organisations, as well as appeal for future sponsors. Presenting a strong consistent image and brand story is an essential component in achieving the desired success. This applies both in terms of the perceived value of awards and event endorsements, as well as the desirability of being associated with the organisation from a sponsorship or partnership perspective.

The Logo

The logo developed aims to encompass the following elements and objectives.


  • The logo uses a single brand element to communicate the core values and aspirations of the organisation:

The triple linked rings hold two key meanings.

  1. These are a reference to performance and medals of Gold, Silver and Bronze. They are a symbol of the drive for success, to better ourselves and represent our home towns, universities, polytechnics and country in top level competition. This is a value that lies at the heart of University and Tertiary Sport. 

  2. The rings are also a reference to three core elements of student life aligned with the values of UTSNZ; academic achievement, sporting performance and student wellbeing.


  • The logo developed uses a clean, clear, simple form to ensure that it can be used in multiple applications and at different sizes.
  • This also enables it to remain distinctive even when present in black and white. This is essential for application to clothing and critical for a national level organisation, given that most top level NZ sport uniforms are either black or white.
  • The layout variations also give the logo significant flexibility in its application. 

Posted: Tue 19 Apr 2016